Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Connected Learning Response

Connected Learning

In Response to the INTERESTS Section Above:

The link between a student's interest and their ultimate learning is clear. If a student has a genuine interest in the subject her or she is learning about then they will more likely than not apply themselves in locating interesting and unique information to augment their own. This interest leads to immersion and, if powerful enough ( a favorite past time or subject for example) the individual can enter the desired flow state of learning. The clearest example is my own, presently, on the topic of the game Weiqi. Given the tools of twitter, blogspot, google, and evernote, i have, with little need for guidance, found more information, and unique commentary than i had previously thought possible. The process was quick and enjoyable and i have little doubt a similar researching method could be used in a classroom setting. the caveat here being the legitimacy of the authors, who for the most part we must take on their own word for their expertise.  

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