Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Khan Academy - Pro's and Con's (Part I)

The scientist in my is always concerned with bias, and to that end i have divided this critique into two parts. Having just read this critique on the Khan Academy.

It seemed only fair that i recap my own reactions before i watch a random sample of his videos. This article hits a point that has been lurking in the back of my mind from the time i was introduced to it... credibility. I myself have used youtube lessons (in college) to get supplemental aid in classes where i have had trouble; notable organic chemistry and physics, and that at the time i took those lessons at face value with no thought to check for their credentials. This being said, finding out that the Khan Academy's status quo is to search google before lessons, and that it doesn't take criticism to better itself, is frankly worrying.

That being said, i do commend it for finding a niche where students can get help and enjoy the process. It may not be a novel idea but it certainly is working. Flaws aside, his program is a stepping stone to a better curriculum; one where lessons are created, tested, recorded, and viewed as part of a SDL system.

To be continued - Post Video Survey

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